Brendan Corcoran

I am Brendan Corcoran, a 17 year old developer. I have been actively learning and developing my skills and knowledge with programming languages, and all theory surrounding it, for over a year.

I've come to enjoy and love programming over the past year after learning more and more over time. I am able to understand concepts, syntax and theory quite easily, which assists me in learning how to do new things rather quickly.

I've learnt back-end languages, gaining an intermediate understanding of them. I have also learnt some front-end languages to an intermediate skill level. I am working towards improving both front-end and back-end knowledge, as I love both. I am on the way to becoming comfortable with advanced techniques in both areas.


Here are some of the projects I've made, with links to the project itself and the Github repository.

True Spotify Shuffle

A website to truly shuffle Spotify playlists

Spice Horde

A game made for Replit's Kajam 2022 gamejam

RCreates Portfolio

The portfolio for my creations made during Replit Creates

Sky Scraper

A game I made for Replit's "madeWithReplit" hackathon

NFT Pizza Place

A website I made for the Replit x Opensea "Hello NFT World" Hackathon

Flask + Three.JS Blog

A blog using the Flask framework, that incorporates the Three.JS library

Personal Blog

Another blog on the Flask framework, for my personal blog

Wordle Solver

An algorithm that solves the daily Wordle

Terminal IDE

An IDE than runs within the python terminal, with live editing and running

Twitter Bot

A twitter bot which uploads an auto generated image every 4 hours

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me, or check out some more of my work.


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